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Holistic (or Integrative) Veterinary Medicine is the examination and diagnosis of an animal, considering all aspects of a pet's life including behaviors, medical and dietary history, environment, emotional stresses, and other factors. Before beginning treatment, the Veterinarian will usually discuss aspects of your pet's health and lifestyle. In addition to symptoms of illness, your pets personality traits, diet and activity level are all often part of the holistic diagnostic picture. Depending on the diagnosis and stage of treatment, herbal medicines, supplements, acupuncture or multiple modalities of treatment may be used in assisting your pet's natural healing process. 

Holistic consultations for a healthy dog or a healthy cat usually takes only 30 minutes or so; holistic consultations for pets with a chronic disease or medical problem can require up to an hour, depending on the issues that you would like addressed. 

At Northside, we offer multiple different types of holistic treatments. 

For a holistic consultation, we do require that you email us a ONE paragraph description of your pet's medical history and why you are seeking holistic care, as well as all of the pet's medical records attached. 

Please send this email to [email protected] with the subject line "Holistic Consultation". Someone should reach out 48-72 hours after that to schedule your appointment.

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