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At Northside we strive to give animals, as well as their pet-parents, a wonderful experience. As our mission statement says, we strive to heal the animals that in turn, heal us! 

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Located in Brooklyn, Northside offers an atmosphere true to NYC life — a lively neighborhood, a vibrant cultural scene, and good transportation options.

We also have ambitious benefits! We offer:

  • 401k
  • competitive salary
  • health insurance
  • paid time off
  • healthy work/life balance
  • Paid CE 



NVC is searching for an associate veterinarian to join our team! We are accepting experienced veterinarians, new graduates, and per diem doctors. 

Northside Veterinary Clinic has been a backbone to the veterinary community in Williamsburg for over 30 years. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform thorough workups and treat complex cases, including digital x-ray, dental x-ray, an in-house lab, as well as the ability to schedule outpatient echocardiograms and ultrasounds at our practice with a partnered veterinarian. Dr. Eisner, one of our two medical directors, also performs holistic services including herbal medicine, acupuncture, cranio-sacral work, cold laser therapy, and shockwave therapy. 

For any veterinarian wanting mentorship, this is a wonderful opportunity! Our medical directors, Dr. Leiman and Dr. Eisner, have been practicing for over 30 years and are happy to share their collective knowledge and experience. 

Veterinary Technician/Assistant 

Vet Assistant

NVC is looking for experienced veterinary technicians to join our team! We are a small but busy clinic with lots of opportunity for growth and training.  These opportunities include learning our holistic treatments (such as performing shockwave and laser therapy) as well as in surgery and other areas of the hospital where you can train alongside our experienced techs. Reach out to learn more about what our techs do if you're interested!

General Job Description:

  • Notify the veterinarian when patients in the exam room are ready to be seen. 
  • Advise the veterinarian of the information already known such as the nature of the visit, preventive procedures due, tests that are to be run, etc. 
  • Assist the veterinarian within the exam room by restraining the animal, preparing forms, obtaining instruments, etc. Remain in the exam room until excused by the doctor.
  • Ensure all procedures rendered during the visit are documented for proper billing. 
  • Ensure that all vaccinations, procedures, notes, etc. have been documented in the medical record.
  • Escort the client and patient to the front desk and give the medical record and patient visit form to the receptionist for client receipting.
  • Prepare the exam room for the next visit.
  • Prepare specimens for outside laboratory.
  • Monitor laboratory supplies and order additional laboratory supplies as needed.


  • Take radiographs following proper safety procedures.
  • Perform routine suture removals, nail trims, and weight checks.
  • Promote the practice’s products, programs and services. 
  • Utilize passive marketing. 
  • Make suggestions to clients about products appropriate for their pet’s condition.
  • Accurately dispense prescription medications as directed by veterinarian. 
  • Prepare prescription labels and appropriately package medications. 
  • Ensure that medications are added to the patient’s record and appropriately charged to the client.
  • Follow DEA and OSHA guidelines
  • Follow appropriate safety and handling of hazardous materials. 
  • Follow established hospital safety guidelines regarding radiographs, controlled drugs, animal handling, etc.
  • Clean and straighten exam rooms, treatment and lab areas. Restock exam rooms with supplies as needed. 
  • Assist other team members to keep the public areas of the practice clean and well maintained. 
  • Clean and maintain all medical equipment as required.
  • Demonstrate initiative and teamwork in everyday duties, assisting other team members within the practice.
  • Organize work area and exercise time management skills to maximize personal efficiency within the practice. 
  • Prioritize tasks and handle multiple tasks in a calm, organized manner.
  • Work well with all team members and ensure that your actions support the hospital, the doctors, and the practice philosophy.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met 
by an employee to successfully perform the primary functions of this job. 

  1. Frequently required to bend, stand, stoop, walk, sit, talk, and listen, frequently working in a bent position. 
  2. Frequently use hands to manipulate, handle, or feel; will reach with hands and arms. 
  3. Use strength or agility in capturing and restraining stronger, more active animals. 
  4. Frequently lift and/or move up to 30 pounds. 
  5. Occasionally handle dogs weighing up to and over 150 lbs. Assistance will be provided by others when working with larger animals.

Veterinary Receptionist

At Northside, our receptionists are as important to us as the technicians handling our patients! We have a large client volume, so we are in constant communication with our clients and their pets. This means we like having multiple receptionists on every shift to mitigate hold times for people calling or emailing with questions. If you're a positive, enthusiastic person with good communication, this is the position for you!

Client Relations Duties, 80%:


  • Greet clients and pets by name
  • Answer phones promptly and professionally using a multi-line phone system
  • Screen and route calls to appropriate staff
  • Provide phone shoppers with descriptions of services first
  • Receive and transmit faxes
  • Take and deliver messages promptly to appropriate staff
  • Note in medical records the details discussed during client conversations including the date, time, key points of the discussion and any action required
  •  Ensure the reception area and exam rooms have current reading materials and are clean and odor free
  • Check medical and computer records for accurate client addresses, phone numbers and e-mails
  • Schedule appointments and surgeries according to hospital scheduling guidelines
  • Make surgery and appointment confirmations calls
  • Answer clients’ questions about veterinary services and products and provide knowledgeable advice about wellness, prevention and diseases
  • Echo doctors’ recommendations when checking out clients
  • Prepare consent forms and be able to discuss the hospital’s financial policies with clients
  • Prepare health certificates, proof of vaccination, lab reports and euthanasia certificate
  • Sell retail items and pet food
  • Advise clients on proper nutrition, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, pre-anesthetic testing, pain management, shampoos, home dental products and other retail items
  • Maintain a clean, neat reception area and front desk 
  • Foster collaborative relationships with other team members and departments


Financial Duties 10%:

  • Enter accurate charges
  • Explain invoices to show value for the care provided, stating all services and products provided before the total
  • Collect payment when services are rendered, including making change for cash payments, processing credit cards and getting proper ID for checks
  • Verify the eligibility of clients with charge accounts (where applicable)
  • Print or record the end of day financial balances, ensuring they are accurate
  • Know fees for routine services
  • Balance cash drawer at end of day/shift
  • Administrative Duties, 7%:
  •  Update reminders
  • Backup computer records according to practice’s operating procedures
  • Maintain adequate supply of client education materials in the reception area (i.e. brochures, handouts, business cards, etc.)
  • Maintain and provide statistical reports for no-shows, boarding cancellations and rescheduled appointments to the practice manager as required
  • Help clients schedule appointments when referred to a specialist, including directions, records and test results to bring and follow-up status of patient after specialty care
  • Prepare forms such as new client registration, medical records, health and vaccination certificates, lab results and euthanasia certificates
  • Review medical records of discharged patients for completeness and accurate charges. Based on your review, refer medical records to a doctor or technician for further review.
  • Schedule rechecks and enter callbacks


  • Prepare welcome packets for new client folders/gift bags, new puppy and kitten packs, dental gift bags, weight-loss kits, etc.
  • Ensure treatment, surgery and boarding forms are signed and an emergency number is noted
  • Admit/discharge or delegate admission and discharge of patients for boarding, surgery, dentistry, grooming or other procedures to appropriate hospital staff
  • Maintain appointment book and grooming and boarding reservations
  • Retrieve, update and file patient medical records
  • Keep reception desk and waiting room neat and clean
  • No eating is allowed at the front desk
  • Clean up after pets’ accidents in the reception area, exam rooms and exterior sidewalks and parking lot
  • Water and maintain plants in waiting and exam rooms
  • Collect specimens that clients bring in for lab analysis, label and take to the lab area. Note the date and time of specimen collection in the appropriate hospital log to ensure they are completed and the client is notified of the results. Place corresponding medical file in appropriate area.
  • Call clients whose pets are overdue for services
  • Purge files according to practice-management policies
  • Determine why the client is inactive and report the reason to the practice manager to identify trends


Client Education & Marketing Duties, 3%:

  • Promote ancillary services such as boarding, grooming, obedience training, etc.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of nutrition and flea/tick/heartworm preventatives
  • Sell and promote retail items
  • Mail thank-you, sympathy and welcome cards
  • Promote practice protocols on wellness and prevention
  • Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, Experience in customer service
  • Skills Needed: Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, Computer literacy, Understand veterinary terminology, Exceptional customer service skills, Keep accurate medical records, clerical work, Educate clients, Promote hospital products and services, Support team members
  • Physical Obligations: Able to lift patients and carry equipment up to 25 pounds; ability to lift patients or carry equipment over 25 pounds with assistance, Endure sitting, standing and walking on hard floor surfaces for extended periods, Type information for patient records and prescription labels into the computer, Able to work in noisy work conditions with sounds from animals and equipment, Take safety precautions for exposure to toxins, drugs, anesthesia and radiation


Email [email protected] to inquire on job postings!

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